Joplinite #6:: Jake Cornett


jake cornett

I started this ‘joplinite of the week’ bit because I love Joplin, and I love its’ people. You will notice nothing specific that ties these people together; other than they are loved and they are Joplin. 

Jake is one such person. He is by far the most avid cyclist I know, a member of the local bike group ‘the Crawlers’. Avid, as in, he shaves his calves so they’ll be more aerodynamic. Not kidding here. He made me feel them once.

Jake is very well known by the downtown population, and despite his sometimes gruff demeanor, is a also pretty sweet guy. Just don’t tell him so.

Jake was also an actor in my series Cold Brewed, and you might recognize him from the print I had up at Spiva Center for the Arts during last months’ ‘photospiva’ display. Since the image was set in the 1940s and he has giant ear plugs and a mohawk, we covered him up with a cap and some earmuffs and named his character ‘muffs’. Clever, eh?

cold brewed photospiva merit award winning image featuring actors caleb murdock and jake cornett

For this shoot, I wanted to highlight what made Jake who he is, not hide those things. Jake is also the proud owner of random items… you know, axes, swords, cloaks… so I said BRING EM TO THE SHOOT! and he did. Oh yes, he did.

here’s the prep to begin to get his hair in proper format…

Z-joplinites of the week

joplinite of the week, jake cornett_0011
I convinced his lovely girlfriend Kjersti to join Jake for one of the shots…

joplinite of the week, jake cornett_0012 joplinite of the week, jake cornett_0013 joplinite of the week, jake cornett_0014